Easy Ways to Find Mattress Removal and Collection

Waste management is one of the most difficult issues that any government or state has had to deal with.

Not many countries have been able to overcome this challenge of having solid waste scattered all over.

Worse off is the issue of mattress disposal. You know that moment when you have to buy a new mattress because the old one has become uncomfortable to sleep on? What do you do with the old one? Well here are easy steps of dealing with that hustle.

Mattress disposal matters! The local council or that solid waste collection company will take your mattress to a landfill without a second thought.

Mattresses that are not so badly off can be donated to a nearby charitable organization or a home for the needy that you are in support of.

Recycling can also be another option which is even better for the environment.

Express Waste Removal Team will take care of that old mattress for you.

You place a call to our centers we come and assess the condition of your mattress, if it can be used again then we donate it but if not we RECYCLE it.

Recycling is simply turning something that had been considered useless into a resourceful material. Recycling, in general, has some benefits such as;

  • It considerably cuts down production cost because the material being recycled can be used as a raw material for another production line.
  • Reduces the waste load in landfills.
  • Help keep the environment clean.

Waste management is very crucial if any community is to enjoy a sustainable environment.

Managing solid waste is essential for a safe environment, not just the usual litter dumping in a bin.

In London and in all other parts of the world, only biodegradable waste is allowed to be disposed of in the environment because it can easily decay though it has controlled way of doing so too.

A mattress is non-biodegradable meaning it would probably take 1000 years for a single mattress to decay. Imagine a city that has to dispose of 200 mattresses in a day that would cause a very huge burden to the environment.

The energy emitted by these mattresses could cause an imbalance to the environment and thus making Mother Nature Hurt.

Mattresses are estimated to have a life span of about 10.8 years and its compaction rate in comparison to that of normal garbage can be estimated to a value not less than 400%. This alone is a clear indicator that they are not safe to be disposed of to landfills.

Here are some of the benefits of recycling mattresses

  • Saving on energy emissions
  • Great reduction of gases emitted
  • Slashes the amount of natural resources used by far.
  • Serves as a good measure of reducing waste in the environment.

When you contact Express Waste Removal Services for that old mattress that you are about to throw away. The Express team can choose to recycle it into the following forms depending on the material in it;

  • Forms and plastics– this material can be recycled and used for carpet padding
  • Cotton flock and wool – can be processed into recycled textiles
  • Lower-grade fabrics – processed and sold for vehicle matting and interiors.
  • Wood – may be chipped and used as mulch or burned as fuel.

Express Waste Removal Team is committed to nothing but the best, its team of waste management experts has a slogan that their workmanship is a guarantee. It is a leading rubbish agency that is ready to work for you on weekdays and weekends as well.

Now that you are fully aware of what an old mattress can become, it is at this juncture that Express entire wishes to let you know that it has a range of services that deal will solid waste disposal.

Express handles; garden waste, commercial waste, construction waste, institutional waste and all house clearance waste as well.

You can contact us via 020 8099 9819

Email us on expresswasteremoval@gmail.com

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