How to Have a Sustainable Halloween

How to Have a Sustainable Halloween?

Let’s get ready to celebrate a sustainable and eco-friendly Halloween! This year, forget about plastic wrappers and go for vintage or DIY costumes. Natural pumpkins are the perfect decorations for this time of year. In this blog post, we have plenty of creative ideas on how to make Halloween not just fun but green too. From homemade treats to upcycled decorations, you’ll find what you need here. Join us as we explore ways to create a ghastly yet environmentally-conscious celebration!

How to have a sustainable Halloween?

1. Skip the store

When it comes to having a sustainable Halloween, the first step is to use your imagination and get creative! Put your DIY skills to the test by upcycling, reusing, or renting a costume. This will not only help reduce waste but will also make for an interesting and unique outfit.

Thrift stores are where you will find the perfect items for making spectacular costumes. We can alter, repurpose, or combine different pieces to achieve just the look we want. Accessories should not be overlooked either – you never know what unique treats you might find!

A fantastic alternative is to shop at a thrift store for your Halloween ensemble. Select items that are multi-functional and can be coordinated with pieces already in your closet. Not only do you get two uses out of one purchase, but you also help reduce the environmental impact.

Do something with those old costumes collecting dust in your closet! Consider renting them out or giving them away and help extend their lifespan. This way, other people can also enjoy them while contributing to sustainability. You don’t need to create a new outfit for Halloween – unleash your creativity and reimagine what you already have!

2. Make your own wrapper-less treats!

Utilize this Halloween as a chance to get creative in the kitchen and whip up some wrapper-less treats! Not only will you be doing your part for the environment by avoiding plastic waste, but it can also provide a fun activity that everyone can enjoy together.

Homemade treats such as cookies, brownies, and popcorn balls offer you complete control over the ingredients used and get rid of the need for individual wrappers that would otherwise contribute to landfill waste for centuries. Enjoy them with no extra packaging involved!

Make your own wrapper-less treats!

This season, let your culinary creativity soar by trying out the various Halloween treat recipes available online. Cupcakes with a spooky twist, fruit skewers, and yogurt parfaits with ghoulish decorations – the options are limitless! Why not add some seasonal flavors and decorations to your kitchen and get inspired for this Halloween?

This Halloween season, let’s join forces to make a large difference in reducing plastic waste by cutting down on our plastic consumption. We can still enjoy savory treats that are lovingly prepared from the comfort of our own homes!

3. Opt for eco-friendly materials

When it comes to Halloween costumes, we may not always take into account the environmental effects of our choices. Recent research from UK charity Fairyland Trust demonstrated that 83% of the materials used for trick-or-treating outfits are plastic – a figure that deserves our consideration as we decide what to wear.

Whether you rent or DIY, it’s essential to prioritize eco-friendly materials. By choosing sustainable fabrics, you not only help reduce your carbon footprint, but also promote ethical fashion practices. When creating costumes from the ground up, this is a chance to pick fabrics that are renewable, organic, or recycled.

But it’s not just the costumes that increase plastic waste at Halloween; accessories like wigs, pails, sparkles, and masks made from plastic-based materials contribute to the problem too. Thankfully, there are now environmentally friendly alternatives offered for these items.

This Halloween season, opt for biodegradable glitter created from plant cellulose instead of traditional plastic glitter or natural fiber wigs instead of synthetic ones to further reduce your ecological footprint.

Sustainability is not just limited to costumes – our approach to celebrating should take every element into consideration. Let’s be mindful when shopping for decorations and other related items by making informed decisions.

4. Don’t throw them away – compost your carved pumpkins!

Once Halloween has passed, your once attractive jack-o-lantern becomes an unattractive mess. Don’t cast it aside just yet! Composting is a great way to reduce your waste while providing nourishment for your garden.

Don't throw them away - compost your carved pumpkins!

Before composting, take off any candles or stickers from the pumpkin. These items can obstruct decomposition and pollute the compost. Then, just place your pumpkin in the green bin or with other biodegradable materials.

5. Upcycling your decorative pieces

Recycling your decor is simple with cardboard. Get creative by cutting out spooky shapes like bats or pumpkins, and then add a personal touch with paint or markers. These homemade decorations help to create an eco-friendly Halloween space while adding a distinctive flair to the atmosphere.

You can use old magazines and newspapers to create spooky, spectral figures. All you need is a pair of scissors and some tape. This gives those otherwise discarded materials an opportunity to come alive again in a new form!

For Halloween inspiration, Pinterest is an excellent resource. You’ll find countless DIY projects repurposing materials in fun, creative ways – such as mason jar lanterns and tin can luminaries decorated with spooky faces.

Before hitting the stores for Halloween decorations, why not look into upcycling items you already own? Not only does it allow you to tap into your creative side, but it also helps promote a more sustainable holiday season without straining your wallet.

6. Use reusable trick-or-treat bags to carry your candy loot

When it comes to trick-or-treating, save some money and help make a sustainable choice by reusing a bag or bucket. Instead of buying plastic Halloween buckets, choose something more eco-friendly – an old tote bag or even a regular household item such as a bucket will do.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the coolest trick-or-treat bag. Fill it with goodies and liven it up with your own spooky decorations! You can get creative and use spider webs, scary faces, or even glowing accents to make it stand out.

Use reusable trick-or-treat bags to carry your candy loot

By choosing to forgo single-use plastic bags, you are not just contributing to the reduction of waste but also adding a special touch to your Halloween outfit. On top of that, with a reusable bag, you will have ample storage for all your spooky goodies collected on the night!

This year, step away from single-use plastic and adopt a more sustainable approach to trick-or-treating. Reusable bags are an easy way to make Halloween eco-friendly while still having all the fun of this hauntingly joyous holiday!