How to Clean a Hoarder House

How to Clean a Hoarder House?

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This guide will show you everything you need to know about cleaning out a hoarder’s home. Here, you will discover simple procedures that will help you clear out a hoarder’s home and turn it into a clean, clutter-free area.

Already a difficult task to convince a hoarder to discard their lifetime accumulation of trash. In addition, this decluttering project will call for more than simply a standard house cleaning.

Steps for cleaning a hoarder’s house

Clear out the trash

How to Clean a Hoarder House - Clear out the trash

The hoarder home cleaner’s first and most difficult chore is to deal with the accumulated junk piles. You will need a few items to remove garbage effectively.

Things you should have:


The clean-out will likely require the assistance of two or three strong individuals. Given that clearing up a hoarder’s home is by no means an easy task, carefully consider your options based on the size of the project and property.

Large Trash Bags

Your kitchen trash can liners are too small to hold enough garbage to fill a whole house. To prevent ripping, make sure the plastic is thick as well.

Disinfecting and sanitizing products

Disinfecting and sanitising surfaces after completion of the project is a significant component that many people frequently overlook. Most hoarder houses amass a lot of trash, filth, and germs. Disinfecting without adequately cleaning surfaces immediately is recommended.


While cleaning the hoarder’s home, you’re probably going to come across some really unpleasant things. Better use gloves.

A dumping location

A dumping location

Do not forget to choose a site for the trash to be dumped in environment friendly way beforehand. Call the city landfill or a rubbish removal business in advance and let them know what you’re planning to do. Make sure they can be ready because they could not be able to handle such a big job at the time you deliver it.

Clean and sanitize your floors

To make everything look new again, you might need to contact a professional for carpet cleaning and floor waxing. You will get the finest results if you do this.

Disinfect everything

Even seemingly clean surfaces can accumulate germs. It is crucial to use a COVID cleaning service or approach the task yourself in a very organised manner in the coronavirus era.

The hoarder’s house is probably a breeding ground for microscopic creatures. To ensure that the bacterial ecosystem in the house is no longer a problem, you will want to make sure you have thoroughly disinfected the entire place.

Scrub down the bathroom

Scrub down the bathroom

The filthiest room in the house is the bathroom. The bathroom in a hoarder’s house probably contains so much biological waste that it might be safe to take extra precautions when cleaning it. Consider wearing a face mask to protect yourself from the fumes.

Throw away toiletries

The hoarder has most likely gathered many bottles of different toiletries. You can be unsure of which items to discard and which might still be functional. But you also do not know how old they are or whether they have mould inside. Throwing them all away and buying new ones for the residents is a far better thing to do.

Clean the toilets

Although most people do not hoard in their toilet bowls (or at least I hope not), hoarders are not often diligent about cleaning their homes, so it is definitely wise to give the porcelain throne a little cleaning.

Do not forget the small stuff

Do not forget the small stuff

It’s simple to overlook the minor details when working on a hoarder cleanup assignment because there is so much to do. Here is a quick list of items to remember when purging the hoarder’s home:

Spider webs

Take care to examine the ceiling’s corners as well. Although you will be paying most of your attention to the floor, there are undoubtedly several webs higher up and out of reach.

Ceiling Lights/Fans

There will be dust all over the place. Remember to clean the tops of ceiling fans as well; you would be surprised at how much dust may collect there.

beneath furniture

Check the underneath of any couches or tables you decide to preserve and clean out any debris.


It will take a lot of time and willpower to thoroughly clean out a hoarder’s home. Even though it is a terrible, arduous job, someone has to do it. Another option is to try calling an expert who will handle everything.

We believe you found this blog to be educational and beneficial. A hoarder cleanup of your home is necessary to maintain both the general health of the building and the residents’ health, just like with any cleaning project. We hope you act now that you are aware of how to clear out a hoarder’s home.

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