How to Dispose of an Old Computer and Laptop

How to Dispose of an Old Computer or Laptop?

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You have come to the right site if you are wondering how to dispose of your used computers and old laptops properly and environmentally friendly. In this blog, we are going to see how to dispose of your old computer and laptops.

According to Statista, the annual global production of e-waste exceeds 50 million metric tonnes or about seven pounds per person. Let’s delve to know more.

Why is old computer recycling important?

In the production of electronic and computing gadgets, toxic substances and dangerous compounds are commonly used. They pollute soil and water when they are dumped as landfills waste and leak harmful substances. It is not just a landfill where it happens. In wet weather, computers left out on the curb for pickup can potentially leak. Recycling not only reduces pollution, but it also prevents the consumption and extraction of original raw resources.

How to prepare your old computers for disposal?

How to prepare your old computers for disposal

You must take two crucial actions to protect your personal information, business data, and employee information before you sell, recycle, or otherwise dispose of your old computer. These include wiping your device’s memory clean of all personal data and doing a factory reset:

Erase every information

Whatever method you choose to dispose of your old computer, make sure you’ve given it a full wipe to make sure all of your sensitive information has been completely wiped and cannot be recovered. This makes sure that whoever ends up with your old laptop or PC won’t be able to access any information.

Factory reset

You should reset the old computer to its factory default settings once you have extracted and documented all crucial data and documents you require from it. The machine now has the same configuration as when you first purchased it, with all user settings entirely erased.

How to dispose of an old computer or laptop?


How to Dispose of an Old Computer or Laptop - Repair it

Before disposing of your old broken PC, you should consider repairing it. You can take your broken PC to a local service shop, they may repair it and bring a new life to it. Therefore, you do not need to purchase a new item to replace the old one.

Give it back to the manufacturer

Many electronic manufacturers have an exchange programme whereby they accept your old devices when you buy a newer model, occasionally giving you a discount on your purchase.

A few recycling companies have set up places and programmes for dropping off the electronic waste. You can inquire about drop-off options at your neighbourhood electronics stores.


Bringing your old computer to a waste recycling facility is one approach to properly disposing of electronic waste. By conducting a quick Internet search with your postcode, you may find the closest hazardous waste disposal facility. If you choose to buy your new machine from some manufacturers, like Dell, they will take care of your old computer devices for recycling at no cost to you. All Dell-branded electronics can be collected for recycling at any time as part of the Dell Recycling programme.

Donate your old PC and laptop

Donate your old PC and laptop

If your devices are still in working order, think about giving them to a good cause. Your used electronics can be donated to a variety of organisations. In some circumstances, it is possible to donate computers and their parts to a nonprofit company, which either sells them to enthusiasts or recycles them. Ask if they can use your old computer by getting in touch with your preferred charitable organisation.

Sell your old laptop and computer

Selling your old computer is a solution if you have one and wish to get a new one. Just make sure to clean your disk drive before you sell your outdated electronic equipment. All of your files should be backed up, and any installed software should be disabled. Format your hard drive safely.

Repurpose it


Your daily needs might not be met by an outdated desktop computer or laptop. However, older technology can still be repurposed as a universal remote control for smart home gadgets. They can be utilised as a digital calendar, a family planner, a home server, a storage device, and a multimedia player. If necessary, you can repair them to increase performance.

Trade it

You might think about trading in your old laptop or computer if it still has a brand-new appearance and is still in good working condition. This way you can save your old PC ending up in the landfill and have a negative impact on our planet.