Rubbish Removal in London (Best Prices)

snappy rubbish removals
  • 1 Cubic Yard Load
  • Labour: 10 Mins
  • Max weight: 70kg
  • Equivalent to: 10 black sacks
  • £60
  • + VAT
  • snappy rubbish removals
  • 3 Cubic Yard Load
  • Labour: 20 Mins
  • Max weight: 250kg
  • Equivalent to: 20 black sacks
  • £90
  • + VAT
  • snappy rubbish removals
  • 5 Cubic Yard Load
  • Labour: 30 Mins
  • Max weight: 375kg
  • Equivalent to: 30 black sacks
  • £120
  • + VAT
  • snappy rubbish removals
  • 7 Cubic Yard Load
  • Labour: 40 Mins
  • Max weight: 500kg
  • Equivalent to: 40 black sacks
  • £150
  • + VAT
  • snappy rubbish removals
  • 10 Cubic Yard Load
  • Labour: 50 Mins
  • Max weight: 750kg
  • Equivalent to: 60 black sacks
  • £200
  • + VAT
  • snappy rubbish removals
  • 14 Cubic Yard Load
  • Labour: 60 Mins
  • Max weight: 1000kg
  • Equivalent to: 80 black sacks
  • £250
  • + VAT
  • snappy rubbish removals
  • 16 Cubic Yard
  • Wait time: 60- 90 Mins
  • Max weight: 1500kg
  • Charge is for two operatives
  • £360
  • + VAT
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    • Flexible payment methods - we accept cash, card payments and bank transfers ( BACS )
    • Nо additional сhаrgеѕ - we do not charge for congestion zone, we do not charge for parking.
    • Free, no-obligation quote - we do not charge for call out.

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      We provide custom prices for rubbish removal in London, based on the volume or the weight of your rubbish that needs to be collected and disposed. If you are not sure how much it will cost, please send us some pictures and we will let you know. You can send the photos of you waste via WhatsApp ( 07773 88 99 88 ) or by using our “contact us” form below. Please note, that WhatsApp works with existing contacts only. You have to save the number above in your phone book first. You can also use our e-mail: This is the best way to send us some photos of your rubbish, as some customers experience problems using WhatsApp.

      Sometimes we overload our vans in order to take as much waste as the customers wants. Also the labour we provide has to be taken on account. In this cases our full load is different than the ones listed below. It is strongly advisable our customers to speak with the our teams on site for the best price possible, before they proceed with the collection. That is why we provide free, no obligation quotes. If the quote is accepted, our teams will be able to do the removal on the spot- the same time.

      Please also note that the precise ( final ) price we can give you only when our rubbish collection team comes to your property. The reason for that is because the rubbish looks some time less in the photos, than it is. So, we provide rough quotes and the team confirms the quote given when they see the junk you have.

      rubbish removal cost in London

      Great Service at Low Prices

      You only pay for what we take away

      Friendly, professional rubbish removal London from as little as £30


      professional rubbish removal London

      At Snappy Rubbish Removals we insist on giving our customers great value for money. That means you only get charged for the weight and volume of the waste we remove from your premises.

      What are the advantages of using Snappy Rubbish Removals?
      • We’re cheaper than a skip.

        We’ll take away a skip full for only £180, inc. VAT. Average skip hire is £250.

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        No heavy lifting.

        We’ll take away a skip full for only £180, inc. VAT. Average skip hire is £250.

      • Expert teams.

        We’re fully trained to collect, transport and dispose of your waste.

      • Fully insured.

        It’s very rare something goes wrong but if it does, we’re covered.

      • Environment Agency Registered.

        We’re fully licenced and comply with all statutory regulations.

      • No hidden charges.

        Our prices are transparent and very competitive.

      cheapt junk removal prices
      Our rubbish removal London pricing pledge

      Here is what we promise our customers:

      We DON’T charge

      for early morning, late evening or weekend collections

      We DON’T charge

      for collecting rubbish on bank holidays

      And we DON’T pass

      our congestion charges on to you

      100% satisfaction GUARANTEED

      or your money back

      Prices are based on the weight and volume of the rubbish we dispose of and take into consideration the amount of time it takes to load the van. This means the more you ask us to move, the less expensive it can work out.

      When you contact us, we will give you a free estimate for the work. However, the exact price will be given to you by our rubbish collection team once they see the amount of waste waiting for disposal.

      Yes. Because of the additional distances we have to travel to collect the rubbish and take it to the recycling centre, we charge an addition £40 for collections outside of the M25.

      No. Charges paid to recycling centres, etc. are covered by us and are included in the overall pricing. We do not pass on congestion charges, either.

      A specified length of time for loading is included in the price of each collection. This is based on previous experience and is usually sufficient. For example, we provide 40 minutes labour to load the equivalent of a skip. However, if we go beyond this time because your rubbish is difficult to access or remove, we charge £10 for each additional 10 minutes. This happens very rarely.

      Yes, there are a few. The extra charge is often due to the additional recycling or disposal costs that we have to pay to meet regulations.

      Additional terms and surcharges:

      For jobs for up to 40 miles outside M25£40
      Building Waste Surcharge£20
      Extra 10 minutes labour£10

      Additional terms and charges for specific Items:

      Removal costs for specific Items:Price:
      Collection of a single mattress£30
      Collection of a TV / monitor£30
      Collection of a fridge / washing machine£60
       Collection of a commercial fridge£80
       Collection of a double mattress£50

      Do you need fast, professional and low-cost rubbish removal in London?

      Contact our 24-hour customer service team on 02080999767 now for a free quotation or click on the free estimate button below.

      cheapt junk removal prices

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