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What We’re Looking For

A successful guest post on our blog should be detailed, rooted in data, captivating, and informative. To boost your chances of getting your work published on our blog, ensure your contribution:

  • Addresses a relevant topic with thorough research and includes practical, actionable advice (aim for 600+ words).
  • Is completely original and hasn’t been published elsewhere. Our goal is to offer fresh content, so republished works won’t be accepted.
  • Substantiates any claims with references to credible research or case studies, avoids mentioning direct competitors or adding promotional links that don’t directly contribute to the content.
  • Uses examples and pertinent images to highlight key points. Avoid generic stock photos that don’t enhance the article. With Snappy, visualise data, concepts, procedures, ideas, and frameworks in a clear, impactful way.
  • Is organised with subheadings, lists, and short paragraphs to improve the article’s readability.

Topics We Cover

Our readership includes diverse individuals and teams from various sectors looking for insights on visual collaboration and optimisation practices. Our aim is to compile a trusted source of information and insights for them to refine and streamline their workflows. We accept compelling, clear content in the following areas:

  • Waste management
  • Cleaning services
  • Construction and building services
  • Property management
  • Real estate
  • Hotels, hostels
  • Environmental
  • Ecology
  • And any business and news sites, related with our content.

Explore our blog to get a feel for the style, format, and tone of content we prefer.

Benefits for You

  • Wide Reach: Snappy’s blog sees over 20,000 monthly visitors, a number that’s steadily climbing. High-quality articles are featured in our monthly newsletter, giving your work broader exposure.
  • Social Media Presence: We’re active on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, ensuring your articles receive additional visibility across these platforms.
  • Compensation: We don’t pay for submissions, but if you’re a professional writer with compelling work, we’d love to see your previous articles.

Advantages of Guest Posting with Snappy:

  • Receive recognition as the author of your article.
  • Have the chance to feature a brief biography at the conclusion of your article.
  • Embed links to your personal website and social media profiles in your author biography.
  • Gain exposure to one of the internet’s broadest communities of small to medium-sized enterprises.
  • Align yourself with Snappy, a respected and established business since 2012.
  • Guidelines to Note:
  • Articles should exceed 600 words in length.
  • The subject matter must align with our site’s focus areas, mentioned above.
  • All content must be your original work, not previously published in any format.
  • Your article should feature a compelling title and adhere to SEO best practices.
  • The primary goal of your post should be to enrich our readership’s knowledge.
  • Content may draw from research, verified data, or personal experience.
  • Accurate citations are required for any external references or statistics.
  • We retain the discretion to embed affiliate links or ads within guest posts.
  • Promotional content is not permitted.
  • We will reject articles with links to low-quality sites or blogs.
  • Posts containing affiliate links are not accepted.
  • Your submission implies your comprehension and agreement with our Guest Post Policy.

Common Queries:

Q: Will my contributions be compensated?

A: Contributing to Snappy as a guest author is a volunteer role. However, you’ll receive an author credit for each article you write, along with a bio section for website and social media links.

Q: What topics should I cover?

A: Our audience consists mainly of small business proprietors and entrepreneurs in search of practical advice on starting and expanding their businesses. We also cater to individuals looking for career guidance. Browse Snappy’s site for insight into the content we publish.

Q: Can I republish my submissions elsewhere?

A: You’re permitted to post your articles on your own website after they’ve been featured on Snappy for 21 days.

Q: May I link to my Snappy article from my site or social media?

A: Absolutely. We encourage sharing your Snappy guest post through your website or social channels immediately after publication. If the share is simply an introduction with a link back to the full article on Snappy, no waiting period is required.

Q: Is publication of my guest post assured?

A: Our goal is to share as many quality articles as possible. While we can’t promise every submission will be published, adhering to our guidelines significantly increases the likelihood of acceptance. We reserve the right to decline submissions that don’t meet our standards or for any other reason.


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