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Please take a moment to go through this entire page to familiarise yourself with our guidelines, how to submit, and the type of content we’re after.

What We’re Looking For

A successful guest post on our blog should be detailed, rooted in data, captivating, and informative. To boost your chances of getting your work published on our blog, ensure your contribution:

  • Addresses a relevant topic with thorough research and includes practical, actionable advice (aim for 600+ words).
  • Is completely original and hasn’t been published elsewhere. Our goal is to offer fresh content, so republished works won’t be accepted.
  • Substantiates any claims with references to credible research or case studies, avoids mentioning direct competitors or adding promotional links that don’t directly contribute to the content.
  • Uses examples and pertinent images to highlight key points. Avoid generic stock photos that don’t enhance the article. With Snappy, visualise data, concepts, procedures, ideas, and frameworks in a clear, impactful way.
  • Is organised with subheadings, lists, and short paragraphs to improve the article’s readability.

Topics We Cover

Our readership includes diverse individuals and teams from various sectors looking for insights on visual collaboration and optimisation practices. Our aim is to compile a trusted source of information and insights for them to refine and streamline their workflows. We accept compelling, clear content in the following areas:

  • Waste management
  • Cleaning services
  • Construction and building services
  • Property management
  • Real estate
  • And all related businesses to home renovation and maintenance

Explore our blog to get a feel for the style, format, and tone of content we prefer.

Benefits for You

  • Wide Reach: Snappy’s blog sees over 20,000 monthly visitors, a number that’s steadily climbing. High-quality articles are featured in our monthly newsletter, giving your work broader exposure.
  • Social Media Presence: We’re active on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, ensuring your articles receive additional visibility across these platforms.
  • Compensation: We don’t pay for submissions, but if you’re a professional writer with compelling work, we’d love to see your previous articles.

How to Submit

To be considered for publication, your submission must meet Snappy’s content team’s high-quality standards. Editors have the authority to decline submissions or edit them slightly.

  • Your piece should be more than 600 words and offer our readers significant value.
  • You’re allowed one self-promotional link, either in the article body or the author bio, plus links to relevant Snappy blog posts. Keep the total link count below five to avoid excessive linking.
  • Links should be relevant and appropriate for our blog’s readership. Links to unrelated sites will not be accepted.
  • Once your piece is published on our blog, it cannot be republished elsewhere, including on your own site.
  • Including images and videos is encouraged to make your piece more engaging, with images being less than 580 pixels in width.
  • Ensure you respect copyright laws when using images, crediting sources as necessary.
  • For technical diagrams like flowcharts or Gantt charts, use ones available in our diagram community.

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Advice for Prospective Contributors

Opening up for guest posting allows our readers and entrepreneurs to build their brands. We prefer working with individuals rather than SEO agencies. Engage with us on social media and sharing our content can significantly improve your chance of being published.

We receive a large volume of submissions each month, so please do not send follow-up emails about submission status. If your article is chosen, we’ll reach out with next steps.

Though our guidelines are thorough and our standards strict, they’re essential for reducing spam submissions. We’re excited to see your valuable contributions and will be in touch if there’s a good fit.


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