How to Get Rid of Toys

How to Get Rid of Toys? – Top Ways to Dispose of Plastic Ones

Are you ready to tidy up your child’s toy collection and take back some space at home? We’ve put together this blog post just for you! We’ll provide tips and tricks on getting rid of those unused toys in a beneficial way. Donating them to kids in need, recycling them, or even coming up with other creative solutions – we have it all covered! So sit back with a cup of coffee in hand, get your organizing hat on, and join us as we embark on this toy-taming mission!

How to Get Rid of Toys? – Top Ways to Dispose of Plastic ones

Check with your Local Waste Management Facility

Before discarding those old toys, contact us (Snappy Rubbish Removal) to investigate the guidelines we have for disposing of hard plastic toys. We accept them as part of regular recyclables.

Give a jingle or look up our website to get the scoop on how to discard toys. We will give you information on how we take hard plastic toys and any particular steps that need to be taken.

Check with your Local Waste Management Facility

Contacting us helps to ensure the toys are disposed of properly and is an important contribution to environmental sustainability. Recycling these items helps cut down on landfill waste and conserves our resources.

Don’t wait; take a few minutes to get the details you require from us before parting ways with those outdated toys. This simple step can produce great results!

Donate Toys in Good Condition to Kids in Need

You probably have some toys in perfect condition that your child has outgrown or no longer wants when it comes to toy disposal. Instead of simply throwing or discarding them, think about giving them to kids who really don’t have access to them.

There are a lot of families who are unable to provide their children with necessities like clothing, books, and toys. By donating your gently used toys, you can make a child happy.

Begin your search for charities with an online search of local organizations that assist children in your area. Many of them have programs specifically tailored to providing donated items to those who have tough times.

An alternate approach is to reach out to local children’s homes or daycares. Such institutions will certainly be grateful for any kind of contribution as they endeavor to create a supportive atmosphere for the kids in their custody.

In addition to contacting places of worship, it can be advantageous to talk with them as they usually provide aid for those in the neighborhood and may be able to put a person in touch who would benefit from the contribution.

Recall that every toy you give away can be a source of joy and fun for someone else. Don’t discard those toys; think about how they can positively affect another young person!

Trash (or Recycle) the Toys You Can’t Donate

Once you’ve gone through your toys and identified those that can still bring joy to other children, consider how to dispose of the rest. You don’t have to just throw them away or wait for the garbage truck – why not look into recycling options? It might be an easier solution than you think.

Call your nearby waste recycling facility to inquire if they accept toys for recycling. You may be taken aback by their response, yet bear in mind that not all recycling centres are able to process all kinds of toys.

Trash (or Recycle) the Toys You Can’t Donate

Don’t despair if your regular recyclers can’t take all of your unwanted toys. Show them your innovative side and see what you can create with them. Turn those broken plastic pieces into a fun piece of art or make creative planters out of old action figures. Unleash your imagination and have an inspired time!

If all else fails, landfill disposal may be your only choice – though it should really be used as a last resort due to its detrimental effect on the environment.

It’s important to refrain from throwing toys away in order to prevent our landfills from accumulating more waste. Donating or repurposing items is a great option before considering recycle, or ultimately, disposal.

Repurpose or Upcycle

Old toys can be given a second chance at life by being repurposed or upcycled, which also provides room for creativity. Instead of throwing them away, consider making them into original works of art or even functional products for your house or garden.

Making a collage on canvas using your child’s tiny plastic toys is a unique way to reuse them. The figurines should be arranged in an appealing design, and glue should be used to hold them in place. You may opt to either paint over the figures or leave them as-is for a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art to add even more of a personal touch.

Why not be creative with larger toys like playsets and dollhouses? Repurpose them by attaching brackets to the back and mounting them onto the wall in your child’s bedroom. This creates a unique display area for books, stuffed animals, or whatever other special items they have.

Green-fingered people can have some fun by recycling old toys and turning them into eye-catching planters. Dolls’ heads or action figures can be hollowed out and filled with soil and succulents to create a colourful garden feature that stands out from the crowd.

Tap into your creative side and explore the number of alternatives you have when it comes to revitalising old toys. Unleash your imagination and watch as new ideas emerge!


Toys should only be dumped in landfills after all other options have been exhausted when it comes to getting rid of them. It’s critical to keep in mind that landfilling isn’t the most environmentally friendly choice.

Hard plastic toys may take decades or even centuries to break down in a landfill. This makes it difficult for these materials to decompose naturally, which contributes significantly to the growing garbage pile.


It’s necessary to evaluate if the toys are able to be fixed or given new life before making any decisions. If they are beyond repair or severely damaged, then unfortunately, landfills may be the only option.

No matter how hesitant you might be to consider this option, it is important to keep in mind that responsible waste management necessitates trying alternate options first before resorting to disposal and cutting down on the influence we have on the environment when we are able. If we give away usable toys and recycle whatever cannot be donated, it is a contribution towards creating a more steadfast future for our planet and a certainty that these beloved items will be put to use elsewhere.