Often the first solution people think of when it comes to rubbish removal London, is hiring a skip. After all, they’re big, you can fit lots or rubbish into them and the skip hire company takes the rubbish away for you.

Unfortunately, that’s where the advantages end. What people don’t always understand about skip hire is that:

  • You cannot always get permission to put the skip near your premises
  • Skip hire is expensive
  • There are restrictions on what types of rubbish skip companies will take
  • The physical graft of filling the skip is left to you

In addition, skips left outside your premises can take up your precious parking space for weeks at a time and make your street look ugly for both you and your neighbours.
There is, of course, a better solution:
Snappy Rubbish Removals Private Waste Clearance

At Snappy Rubbish Removals, London, we offer a waste clearance service that offers many benefits over skip hire.

Get rid of more waste

One advantage of using our service is that we can remove as much or as little waste as you require. Whether it’s just a couple of bin bags of household rubbish or several tons of industrial waste, we can remove it for you. And as our vans have twice the capacity of a full skip, we can take more of it in one go.

Only pay for what we take away

When you hire a skip, you pay the same price regardless of how much rubbish you put in it. For some customers, this can be an incredibly inefficient way to get rid of your waste. Our service means you only get charged for the quantity of waste we remove. This way, you’ll always have an efficient, pay as you go service.

Cheaper than a skip

Putting it simply, the average price for skip hire in London is £250. We’ll take that amount of rubbish away for £150. For £250, we’ll take away the equivalent of two full skips. For smaller quantities of junk, our prices start at just £25. See our prices here.

We’ll take almost anything

With the exception of hazardous waste (toxic chemicals, asbestos, biological waste, etc.) we are licenced by the Environment Agency (registration no. CBDU155119) to remove all forms of rubbish, including building and industrial waste and electronic equipment.
You’ll often find that skip hire companies refuse to take certain forms of waste because they do not have the necessary licence to dispose of them. This includes things, like paint, fluorescent bulbs and plasterboard.

builders skip hire

No heavy lifting

Another benefit of using our service is that there is no heavy lifting required. With a skip, you have the job of carrying your waste to it and filling it up. When you hire us, we’ll load all the waste materials and rubbish bags onto our vehicles for you. Not only does this make it less backbreaking, it can also save you a lot of time.

 No skip responsibility

When you hire a skip, it is up to you to make sure any waste is responsibly stored. If it becomes a health and safety hazard, you are responsible. This can be particularly concerning if the skip is left on a public road where it can cause problems for traffic or become a potential fire hazard. These kinds of problems do not arise when you choose our service.

Why Use Snappy Rubbish Removals for Your Waste Disposal in London?

  • Environment Agency registered

  • WEEE electrical / electronics disposal

  • Guaranteed one-hour collection window

  • Flexible 7 a.m. – 11.30 p.m. collections

  • 24/7 customer service

  • Same day rubbish removal

  • Friendly, two-person teams

  • All staff DBS background checked

  • We tidy and sweep before leaving

  • Fully trained, English speaking staff

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