4 Ways to Get Rid Of Large Garden Waste

Get-Rid-Of-Garden-WasteGarden waste is also known as green or biological waste. Garden waste is mostly generated from refused composed garden materials like grass clippings, leaves, and domestic or industrial waste. Most homeowners have a massive garden cleanout when winter is nearing. There are many options to how you can get rid of massive garden waste like owning garden skip bins.

Are you a homeowner and wondering how you can get rid of massive garden waste? There are different options that we will discuss and you can choose what works best for you.

  1. Owning a green waste recycling bin

This is the cheapest and easiest way of disposing of your garden waste. You can order a bin from your council and have it delivered to your home. However, this is not the best option while handling the large green waste. You can do cleaning a day before the collection day so as to give you ample time to clean out. When the collection is done, the waste is taken to a recycling depot. Having a bin only limits you to the amount of waste that will fit there and you will have to wait for the collection day for it to be exposed to. The bin is a cheap and easy method to someone who does not have to dispose of large amounts of garden waste and is also ready to wait for the bin to be picked up on a particular collection day.

  1. Dropping off your waste to the nearest recycling center.

Some people would prefer to drop off their waste to the nearest landfill than leave the waste in your backyard or front lawn waiting collection day. All you have to do is collect your waste and place them in a well disposable bag. Arrange for transportation if you do not have the right vehicle for transporting waste products. Unlike the first option, this is far from cheap. The time you will consume in collecting and arranging for transportation is more. If you do not have a trailer or pickup, you will have to bear the costs of transportation. This method is favorable to those who know how to dispose of garden waste or have a recycling plant nearby. Most people who have no idea of how to dispose of the waste and thus, end up dumping it in landfills with other waste. This is an environmental hazard as it promotes pollution.

  1. Converting green waste into mulch

This method involves composting your waste. The process is long and very tedious but is a good method if you get used to it. It is used by people who do not prefer the disposing of their waste. If you are up for this method then get yourself a chipper and chop down the branches and shrubs into small tiny pieces. Get a disposable compost bag or a bin (whichever you prefer) and place the waste inside. During composting, make sure the waste stays moist throughout. However, be warned, composting will make your whole yard smell; which attracts flies and rodents. Composting is good for the environment but should be done in a specially designed compost pit.

  1. Garden skip bins

This is one of the easiest methods, all you have to do is hire a skip bin from the nearest provider which will be delivered to your home the same day. You will have five days to fill the bin with green waste after which the removal experts will collect the waste for disposal. Easy right? The method is cheap and faster. Plus, you are not limited to a certain amount of waste.


There we go, you now have different options to work with when you are looking to dispose of your garden waste.

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