How to Recycle Old Spectacles

How to Recycle Old Spectacles?

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Around 60% of people choose to use glasses to correct their vision, while 11% choose contact lenses, either alone or in conjunction with spectacles. It is estimated that 70% of the population needs vision correction.

Sadly, because so many of us wear glasses and get yearly eye exams, glasses could cease to be effective for the person for whom they were made in just one year.

Where Can I Recycle Eyeglasses? Since glasses are frequently made up of metal or plastic, they can’t just be tossed in your household waste recycling bin.

How many outdated pairs of prescription glasses are hiding in the back of drawers in homes throughout the nation would surprise you.

Thereby, we’ll look at places to recycle eyewear in this article, whether you need to get rid of prescription or reading glasses.

How to Recycle Old Spectacles?

Drop your old specs at a charity shop

Drop your old specs at a charity shop

Sunglasses, reading glasses, and prescription glasses can all be donated to some charities. Before making a donation, give your neighbourhood charity shop a quick call to find out if they accept eyeglasses.

If your neighbourhood store doesn’t take donated eyeglasses, you can send them to a select charity via mail.

For instance, the Lions Club collects used glasses in its clubs around the nation, but, if you don’t live close to one, you can mail your glasses to them.

Sell Them

You can sell your old glasses and use the money earned to purchase a new pair of glasses once your prescription has to be updated.

The best places to start are eBay and Depop; designer eyewear sells especially well because so many people like finding a designer deal.

You may include your prescription in the description in case a buyer has the same one, but most customers anticipate purchasing the frames first and then purchasing the glasses to go with them.

Although you might be able to do it yourself, don’t risk damaging the frames by trying; a professional will change it in a matter of seconds while also fitting the new lenses.

Reuse your specs

Reuse your specs

Why not reuse your glasses instead of recycling them? Although it isn’t heavily promoted, most opticians can put new lenses in your current frames.

This would not only be a better choice for the environment, but it would also allow you to maintain your favorite frames and be less expensive than purchasing new ones.

Take the frames somewhere else if your regular optometrist doesn’t provide this service; you may even mail the frames to internet opticians for lens fitting.

Take old specs to the optician

For the donation of used eyeglasses, the majority of opticians use recycling bins.

For instance, many individual opticians and companies collaborate with charities that offer eye care and optical training to people in poor nations.

While some charities recycle the glasses and use the proceeds to carry out crucial work-related eye care and eyesight for those in need, others send donated glasses abroad to be used by those in need with matching prescriptions.

Give your eyewear to loved ones or friends

Give your eyewear to loved ones or friends

If a family member or acquaintance needs glasses for their vision but now lacks the funds to purchase a new pair, you might gift them your old ones.

Even though they would still need to pay for new lenses (assuming your prescription matches theirs), they would still spend far less on the frames.